Whether it’s a wedding day or a gala dinner, a product launch or a
family reunion, Zilver Catering is on hand to take care of everything
with Zilver’s signature service and hospitality.

Zilver Catering’s cuisine is prepared by the same team of chefs
that create the award-winning dishes at Zilver but there’s more
to the menu than contemporary Chinese dining. Guests can
expect the same unwavering commitment to top-quality ingredients,
unparalleled flavours and exquisite presentation plus the option
to tailor the fully customisable menu to fit any event to a tee.

Zilver firmly believe that every event is unique and the catering experience
should be adaptable to match. No matter how formal or casual the occasion
is, Zilver Catering has the perfect dining solution. Personalized service
options include family style, tray-passed, buffet, seated, station and a
combination of station and seated, with Zilver service staff and chefs on
hand to ensure that the hosts can concentrate on their guests.

Zilver Catering brings a taste of Zilver into the home, office or any destination, including Zilver Groups designated events spaces. Guests can choose to hire out Zilver or The Eight brand new events space, for an added element of comfort and surprise.

For more information on our function and catering package, please see our catering website: www.zilvercatering.com.au